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Welcome to our exclusive selection of Tenerife escorts, carefully chosen to make your time on this vibrant island unforgettable. 

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have a diverse array of companions ready to meet you within 25 minutes of your booking. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us; no waiting drivers here! 

Our companions are all about delivering excellent company, whether for a quick meeting or an exciting night out. Couples seeking an extra spark or friends searching for some fun are welcomed with open arms at our agency. 

Enjoying an escort service in Tenerife is a popular choice for locals and holidaymakers, and we provide you with the best and fullest experience available. Take a look at our sexy escort girls and let us know your booking for today.

Looking For a Great Selection of Female Escorts? We Offer the Best Escort Service in Tenerife

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Looking to turn up the heat in Tenerife? You’ve come to the right place! Booking one of our stunning escorts is a breeze. Whether you prefer a quick phone call or an online form, we’ve got you covered. Our discreet service ensures your selected companions comes on time, with no additional expenses for hotel deliveries

With a diverse selection of companions, including blondes, brunettes, and more, our friendly team will help you to find your perfect match. Get in touch today to discover the wonderful experiences that our escort agency has in store for you. 

Your chosen escort will be on their way just 25 minutes after you’ve made your booking with us.

Our escorts offer a range of services tailored to your desires. Simply select what you are looking for, and our reception staff will take care of the rest. Prepare for all of the fun, and none of the fuss.


Explore an incredible variety of Tenerife’s most sought-after companions, now available at an exceptional price €250. This special offer ensures a comprehensive service package, where your beautiful companion will come directly to your desired location and show you the time of your life. 

Whether you seek extended hours or tailor-made services, our commitment to safe and respectful encounters remains unwavering. As a reputable and licensed escort agency, we pride ourselves on delivering nothing short of exceptional service. Contact us today for further details and to secure your reservation.

For those craving an exhilarating threesome or group experience, our diverse selection of bisexual, skilled escorts (all over the age of 21), are ready to take you on an incredible pleasure journey. 

Are you eager to enhance your experience? Discover our selection of optional services, which include sensual massage and tantalising striptease performances. 

With our inclusive approach and presence in many places, we cater to a wide spectrum of preferences.

Incall & Outcall Escort service with a 30 kilometre radius

Our girls are delighted to be a part of the Tenerife Escorts family. We guarantee that you will receive only the best quality outcall escort services, which many of our clients have come to expect.

We deliver within a 30-kilometre radius of Tenerife. If your city is not on the list, please give us a call. We also provide our phone number for Whatsapp enquiries.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book. We are pleased to provide our services in a variety of cities throughout the island. For email enquiries, please go to the Contact Us page.

Our staff will respond discreetly within 24 hours. outcall Tenerife Escorts offers the best escort girls from every city on the island.

Our escort agency has the best variety of escorts in the Canary Islands, all available for you to enjoy. Our top five VIP escort females in Tenerife are available around the clock and can reach any place in 30 minutes. Be quick though! Our escort girls are highly reviewed and extremely sought after. You can meet escort girls in Adeje, Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Los Gigantes.

The number 1 escort agency in tenerife!

What distinguishes our agency from the rest? To begin, all of the escorts registered with us have extensive experience; we regularly seek feedback from our clients to guarantee we maintain the highest levels of service.

Guided by customer reviews, we work with our models to ensure that every moment spent with them is nothing short of exceptional. While it may sound business like, it is our dedication to professionalism that sets our platform apart and ensures its continuous success. Our motto is straightforward: if you call yourself a Tenerife escort, professionalism should be at the top of your priorities!

Above all, our models are incredibly gorgeous! Let’s be honest, no matter how polite and competent an escort is, if she lacks charm and attractiveness, it can feel like a waste of money.

Tenerife escorts on our platform provide something truly unique, attracting clients back for more wonderful experiences! Aside from delivering a smooth and secure service, there are several extra elements that make our escorts in Tenerife so enticing.

First and foremost, many of our escorts have extensive experience and have perfected their talents over time. This knowledge means that they understand exactly how to cater to your needs and provide you with the highest level of pleasure.

  • This degree of competence gives them an edge over newer escorts, resulting in an unforgettable experience that doesn’t just meet your expectations, but exceeds them!
  • Second, our Tenerife escorts have an innate awareness of their clients’ demands. With each interaction, they learn and adapt, fine-tuning their approach to ensure optimum enjoyment for both parties.  This capacity to anticipate and gratify wants guarantees that every moment spent with them is nothing short of exceptional.
  • Finally, our escorts understand the value of ensuring a stress-free experience. They are excellent at establishing a pleasant environment in which you can unwind and enjoy yourself without worry.

If you’re eager to connect with one of our exceptional escorts, simply browse through our gallery to find the perfect match for you. With their irresistible charm and unparalleled skills, they’re sure to make every moment in Tenerife an unforgettable one!


Everyone deserves to feel cherished each day, and if you find yourself in Tenerife, the island is teeming with enchanting women eager to share their affection with you. But we’re not talking about your average run-of-the-mill beauties you might encounter at work or in a club. No, we’re referring to someone truly extraordinary, someone who can turn even the most mundane moments into cherished memories.

So, what sets our Tenerife escort service apart? It’s the remarkable ability of our stunning Tenerife escorts to elevate an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. How do they do it, you ask? 

Picture your most unforgettable day. Recall the anticipation, the whispered words of excitement, and the sheer thrill of being in the moment. Now, imagine experiencing that level of excitement and passion with one of our Tenerife escorts.

To turn your fantasy into reality, our models take the time to truly understand you. Don’t hesitate to share your deepest desires with them. Opening up may feel daunting, but rest assured, they’re here to listen and cater to your every whim. They’re experts at deciphering your desires, ensuring that every encounter is uniquely tailored to your preferences.

Your alluring Tenerife escort will start things off slowly, setting the mood just right. Remember, the key to an unforgettable experience is to savor every moment. While it may be tempting to dive in headfirst, true bliss lies in taking your time. 

After all, you have all the time in the world, and she’s here to make every moment count. Unlike other escort services, we prioritise your pleasure above all else. So why rush? Take your time, revel in every sensation, and let the passion unfold naturally.

With our Tenerife escort service, every day is an opportunity for adventure and romance. So why settle for anything less?

EXPERIENCE authentic domineering OR submissive.

In our everyday lives, finding someone to explore all our fantasies with can take a lifetime. When was the last time you truly felt like the ‘master’ in the bedroom? If it’s been a while since your last BDSM adventure, here’s your opportunity to dive into the world of dominance or submission.

In our Tenerife escort service, you’re the one calling the shots; your partner won’t move a muscle until you command. Her every action is guided by your desires. You dictate the tempo and setting, crafting the scene for your companion to enact. It may sound too good to be true, but this is the essence of true dominance, and it’s exactly what we offer here. But that’s just one side of the coin; what about experiencing the thrill of submission?

And then there’s the switch—the ability to seamlessly transition between submission and dominance during different encounters. Our Tenerife escorts are adept at fulfilling your wildest BDSM fantasies, ensuring an experience you’ll never forget.

Safety is paramount in any BDSM encounter, especially if you’re new to bondage and submission. This is where our Tenerife escorts truly shine. While many escorts prioritize profit over experience, our models prioritize your satisfaction. They maintain open communication with clients to ensure comfort and consent every step of the way. With the right partner by your side, there’s no limit to the pleasure you can explore—after all, you’re in Tenerife!

What Happens in Tenerife Stays in Tenerife: Ensuring Your Privacy 

Rest assured, your privacy is our utmost concern. Whether you’re indulging in a lavish hotel tryst or a discreet locale of your choosing, all interactions between you and your model remain discreet. Every Tenerife escort affiliated with us is bound by a stringent non-disclosure agreement (NDA), guaranteeing the confidentiality of your personal encounters.

While you may find yourself in Tenerife, your private affairs remain just that—private. We recognize the significance of privacy, particularly in matters of intimacy. Unlike many other escort services that may overlook privacy measures, we take extensive precautions to safeguard your information. 

Our website boasts state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring the protection of your data, including names and email IDs, from external threats.

At we never compromise on your privacy. We abstain from selling your data to third-party advertisers, and after a designated period, we meticulously purge all client records. 

This commitment to confidentiality extends to our escorts, who are legally bound to uphold your privacy. However, we also encourage clients to exercise discretion in sharing personal information to further fortify their privacy.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. By clearly delineating boundaries and preferences with your Tenerife escort, you can enjoy a gratifying and discreet experience tailored to your desires. Trust in our dedication to privacy, and relish your encounters in Tenerife with confidence.

Hire VIP Call Girls From is renowned for its high-quality escort services, providing a trustworthy and reliable option for those seeking the ultimate Tenerife nightlife experience.

Men seek out escorts for a myriad of reasons. Some crave companionship after a long day’s work or travel, while others yearn to explore their deepest, most hidden desires, unable to share them with partners back home. Each individual has a unique story, and we take pride in catering to clients of diverse tastes and interests.

To ensure top-notch service, we have established stringent rules and guidelines for our models and staff to follow diligently. Foremost among these is prioritising client privacy and safety, offering a discreet and secure experience at all times.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to educating and training our Tenerife escorts to provide exceptional experiences for our clients. Success hinges on superior customer satisfaction, which is why we encourage our models to go above and beyond to ensure every client leaves satisfied. Before joining our agency, each model undergoes a thorough selection process to assess their education, demeanour, experience, and health.

Another compelling reason to choose us is our diverse line up of escorts. We offer a wide range of body types, colours, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, all clearly outlined on each model’s profile. With just a few clicks, you can select and book the perfect Tenerife escort to suit your preferences.

And despite our top-notch service, we pride ourselves on offering competitive rates. You’ll find our model rates to be affordable without compromising on quality.

Booking a 24/7 Tenerife escort with us is convenient and accessible. Our website is available day and night, allowing you to book anytime, anywhere. Simply give us a call to confirm your favourite model’s availability, and if she’s unavailable, we’ll ensure to find you an equally exceptional option!

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